Your 5 Steps to Better Hearing:

You have made the decision to move towards better hearing. The professionals at Superior Hearing Centre are here to help you through each stage of the process to better hearing.

Step One: The Consultation

You will meet with our audiologist or hearing instrument specialist to accomplish the following:


  • Extensive interview where your specific hearing concerns will be discussed
  • Examination of each ear utilizing advanced diagnostics to ensure a complete picture of your hearing
  • Complete hearing evaluation, including speech testing

Step Two: Recommendation

Based on the initial conversation and results of your hearing examination, our hearing health professionals will determine the nature and extent of your hearing loss. They will then discuss their recommendations with you.


This discussion is important for understanding your hearing loss and what you can expect from hearing aids if they are recommended for you.  Effective communication strategies may be discussed with you as well.


The following will be taken in consideration:

  • The hearing evaluation results
  • Your lifestyle and listening needs (active lifestyle, long periods of time spent in noisy rooms, need to hear television more clearly, etc.)
  • Your specific needs (ease in handling, technology preference, hearing aid style preference)

Step Three: Hearing instrument order

If hearing aids are recommended and you decide to proceed with ordering the type that will best meet your needs:


  • Impressions of your ears may be taken
  • A fitting appointment will be scheduled so that the hearing aids can be programmed to meet your hearing loss and specific needs.

Step Four: Hearing Aid Fitting

Your hearing aid fitting appointment should take about an hour. Our hearing health professionals will go through the following:


  • Program the hearing aids to your individual hearing loss, ensuring a comfortable volume and sound quality
  • Check for overall comfort of the hearing aids
  • Instruct regarding care and use of your hearing aids and ensure there you are comfortable with this before leaving the office
  • Explain the advanced features of your hearing aid and how to optimize them for everyday listening situations
  • Discuss the adjustment period and strategies to successfully make it through the early days with your new hearing experience
  • Book a follow-up appointment to review what you’ve learned and discuss your experiences with your new hearing aids.

Step Five: Follow-up Appointment

After wearing your hearing aids for some time, our hearing professionals would like to check-in with you and see how things are going. Be sure to bring a family member to help provide a clearer picture of your recent hearing experiences.


At your follow-up appointment:


  • You can discuss your recent experiences in different listening situations
  • Our hearing health professionals can address any questions and concerns
  • Your hearing aids can be fine-tuned to address your needs and concerns regarding specific hearing situations
  • Further education or counseling will be provided as needed
  • Further follow-up appointments will be made if this is necessary

Superior Hearing Centre:
The Complete Package

At Superior Hearing Centre, our goal is to meet all your hearing health needs. Staffed and equipped to provide complete hearing evaluations, comprehensive and professional hearing aid fittings, as well as paramount follow-up care, we are your Hearing Healthcare Specialists.

Call us today and take advantage of our complete Hearing Healthcare Package including:

  • Ongoing cleaning and service, as needed during the life of the hearing aid
  • All hearing aids are provided with at least a 3-year warranty
  • All hearing aids come with a 2-year loss and damage warranty (with small deductible)

  • Personal care and attention from our qualified Audiologist and Hearing Instrument Specialist
  • Comprehensive hearing assessment utilizing advanced diagnostics to ensure a complete picture and understanding of your hearing
  • Follow-up hearing aid evaluations and hearing assessments

  • Post hearing aid fitting counseling, including individual instruction and information sessions
  • Your batteries are included with your hearing aid for at least your first year
  • Satisfaction guaranteed over the adjustment period and beyond